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Since the age of six, I've been in front of the microphone some 55 plus years singing and traveling with my brothers all over the world. Singing songs I grew up listening to by artists that helped shaped who I am today. Artists that put a stamp on my heart and soul, so deep, 'til this day it still remains relevant after all these years. Artists like the Dixie Hummingbirds, the Sensational Nightingales, the Blind Boys, Mahalia Jackson, Thomas Dorsey, Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, The Soul Stirrers, Mavis Staples, The Staples Singers, Dorothy Love Coates, Edna Gallman Cook, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Reverend James Cleveland, Swanee Quintet, Otis Redding, The Caravans, Shirley Caesar, Joe Tex, Joe Simon, Wilson Pickett, Bo Diddley, Stevie Wonder, and from the man who breastfed us wisdom and knowledge from kids to our first national recording contract, my dad, Leon "Pop" Williams and the legendary Jackson Southernaires. It's artist like these and many more that paved the way for myself, The Williams Brothers and many other artist to have a platform to write and sing traditional gospel music. And now I'm blessed to have the opportunity and privilege to be in front of the microphone, not just to sing this music, but a global multimedia platform to spread it across the country and abroad to the now and new generation in hopes that they will embrace it, appreciate it, and understand that this music, this Traditional Gospel Music is a part of our foundation, our roots, our rock, and our heritage.

Traditional Gospel Music is a form of music that withstands the test of time from slavery to migration, segregation, integration, procrastination and in this generation, pushed aside, criticized, downsized but yet after over 300 years as the words of Doug Williams' song "I'm A Living Testimony," it's "Still Here!" The proof is is in the pudding as the legendary Edwin Hawkins sings, "Oh Happy Day", the legendary Andrae Crouch and Marvin Winans records a song like "Let The Church Say Amen" and it becomes a hit, like the Mississippi Mass Choir's "Your Grace and Mercy," Lee Williams' "I Learned to Lean on Jesus," Dottie Peoples' "On Time God," the Canton Spirituals "Fix It Jesus," and Evelyn Turrentine Agee's "God Did It." And, as gospel music's contemporary artist pay homage to traditional gospel church music like Mary Mary's Erica Campbell's hit song, "A Little More Jesus," Regina Belle's "God Is Good" and "This Means War" by Charles Jenkins.

Is there a word or a name that sticks out to you in these songs? Yep, GOD! He's Everything! He's the same yesterday, today and forever. His Holy Spirit, His blood, His anointing, His salvation, His deliverance has not and will not ever change or die. And that s why Traditional Gospel Music will never die! It's filled with the same ingredients. That's why people are still being saved and delivered by Traditional Gospel Music today. And it's part of our black and white history, our American history, more important it's part of God's history...His creation.

“I love all of the types of gospel music and all of the artists that present their style. However, we should always remember the bridge that brought us over. Traditional gospel music, as defined by our founder, Thomas A. Dorsey, should be cherished and glorified because of our beginning. Let's not forget to be inclusive of the traditional music that carried us along for years. We can't let go of the new sound under the heading of gospel music but we must maintain an element of how this great sound came about and enhanced by today's market. I am a supporter of maintaining the traditional sound of Black Gospel Music.”

Bobby Jones
Bobby Jones Presents, Bobby Jones Gospel, Let's Talk Church

"Watch this parable, I receive flowers for all occasions they are so beautiful. I put them on the shelf. They last for a few days and then they die. But when they send me a plant, that has a root on it all I have to do is water it. And it will grow & grow. Well thats the same way it is with gospel music. Its pretty & last for a little while. But one thing about traditional gospel it will never die. Because that is our roots."

Evangelist Dorothy Norwood
Gospel Legend, The Caravans


“Gospel music is such a vital part of who we are and is the foundation of American Music. It’s imperative that its legacy remain at the forefront of the current and future landscape. I’ so excited that a project like this has come along and that its being led by Melvin Williams, to ensure that this great genre is persevered for years to come.”

Nwaka Onwusa | Curator
GRAMMY Museum at L.A. LIVE


"Traditional gospel music penetrates the depth of the heart bringing forth inspiration and a hope that weaves through the mind, body and soul."

Dennis E. Cole
President, Gospel Announcers Guild-GMWA
Administrator, Stellar Awards-SAGMA


"The beauty, diversity and complexity of Gospel music has never been relegated to one style. Gospel music is timeless, enduring, and speaks to the hearts of souls of people from all ages and denominations. If we want to continue to see Gospel music progress and thrive, we must find ways to celebrate and preserve the entirety of the genre--from the church choir and the quartet, to the inspirational and the rapper. ALL of it is viable and necessary for progression, especially our foundations rooted in traditional Gospel music."

Eboni Funderburk


Traditional Gospel Music is timeless! Lets make sure it remains relevant!

Willie Mae McIver
Covenant Media Group
Host of the Nationally Syndicated
Gospel Music Radio Show
"Beyond The Praise"


“For over 27 years, the Chicago Mass Choir has had traditional gospel music rooted in its commitment to excellence of Gospel Music. We have been blessed to share our music ministry both nationally and internationally. The traditional gospel music continues to provide encouragement and support; as we share the Good News through our music ministry.”

Dr. Feranda Williamson, President-CEO
Chicago Mass Choir


“No song in this world heals a soul when its hurting, like a traditional song. When I'm going through, I reach back and sing a hymn!!”

Lucinda Moore
Gospel Recording Artist

“Traditional Gospel Music has an undeniable essence that supplies a timeless foundational substance to all other Gospel genres. Whether moving forward or reaching back, it always has a welcomed presence and effect in any given worship experience. Let's vow to uphold the standard of Traditional Gospel Music."

Billy Rivers and The Angelic Voices of Faith


“Traditional gospel music is the time-honored indigenous music of our faith. It speaks of our trials and triumphs as a people and ultimately the victory we have through Jesus Christ.”

Jamel Strong
Gospel Recording Artist


“Traditional (Gospel) Music is What I Worship Through, Contemporary (Gospel) Music is What I Jump To, I Go to Church to WORSHIP!!!”

In His Service,
Pastor Yves T. McKenzie
Disciples Of Christ Christian Ministries


"Traditional Gospel Music Is The Salt of The Earth, It's Seasoning For Your Soul."

Daulton Anderson

"Traditional gospel music is as much a part of our culture as cornbread and collard greens. It touches the heart of the nation and is a conduit of relief to bring peace to a troubled people."

Bishop Leonard Scott